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    Playback sometimes doesn't work, lose sound while scrubbing

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      No problem!


      I am now noticing a couple issues, I figure might be worth mentioning… Sometimes, when I try to press the space bar or play button to play back my timeline- it doesn’t play. The camera where I can see myself gets paused as it normally would, but nothing else happens. I’ve tried clicking the refresh button with no luck, and find the only temporary solution is to restart the program and project.


      I also sometimes lose sound while trying to scrub through or play back my timeline. Clicking the refresh button helps, but is there a reason for this? To piggy back off of this- Some headphones also don’t respond? (They work in other programs and iTunes, so I know they are working headphones)


      Thanks again for all of your help!! Very much appreciated!




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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Hmm, are you playing back quickly or immediately after stopping the previous playback? Or does it happen even if you hadn't played back recently? Do you recall doing a particular action (e.g., dragging a take bar or moving a track) beforehand that might correspond to it happening?


          As for losing sound while scrubbing, does it happen more when you scrub quickly or slowly, or after waiting a short or long time after previously doing so?


          Hmm, unsure why the headphones would stop responding. Does it ever start working again in the same Character session, or do you need to restart the app? Any contention with other apps that are playing back audio at the time?