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    SuperPanel performance issue

      Hello everyone,

      I am using the SuperPanel Component from http://www.wietseveenstra.nl/blog/2007/04/flex-superpanel-v15/ which is really nice and exactly what I need.

      Unfortunately the window that it provides is damn slow if you try to drag it.

      I already turned off the alpha which is being set while you drag a panel but that had no effect.

      I also noticed that the problem occurs especially if there are many components lieing underneath it. That means, if there is only the panel itself it runs quite smooth. But if there are more than let's say 4-5 components it begins to slow down dramatically no matter which OS, Flash Plugin, Browser or Computer Hardware :-(

      Does anyone have an idea how to increase the performance of this?
      Of maybe someone knows a better, faster component?

      Any help is really appreciated.