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    Editing script in Contribute

      I have set a user role that allows the editing of a php script with a text editor on a site. This is only to allow a simple way to change the email address a form sends data to. When I navigate to the script using the "Choose" button, Contribute automatically sends me to the "Error" page, as if the form wasn't filled out properly, instead of allowing me to open the php script with a text editor. This used to work fine. Has there been some change or update to Contribute that has changed something? I am using Contribute CS3 (v. 4.1).
      Any other suggestions to allow for script editing within Contribute?

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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee
          You can set your default file editor through
          1) Edit ->Preference
          2) Select File Editors in the left pane.
          3) In the Right pane, add the extension and the add the corresponding file editor by clicking the + button.
          Hope this helps you.
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            smudge11 Level 1
            I have tried to set up a file editor in this way, but there are 2 problems.
            First, Contribute won't let me set up a file editor for .php files. I says that extension is reserved for Contribute.
            Second, when I try to edit the .php file, Contribute skips the file and sends me right the error page that the php script redirects to if you have not filled in the required fields in the form.