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    "Save Picture as" -- is this handy feature available in ID?


      Hi again, back for more ...


      In Quark there is an easy way to save all of the images in your file at once. It's called "Save Picture As" ... and you can specify "all in layout" or not.


      This feature allows you to save all your images with: a specific cropping/bleed, based on the box it's been placed in  (e.g., none, or 1/8 of an inch all around); a specific resolution (same or less than what you have in the picture box); and a format -- png, jpeg or whatever. Plus it will save the image as RGB or CMYK. It will also rotate the file for you if it's rotated in the picture box. The wonderful thing about this is that in a printed booklet of about 250 mugshots, which have to be used also on the web, it's a ****huge**** time and sanity saver.


      My question is, can I do this in InDesign? Otherwise what I'm thinking is that I'll just send the ID file to be converted to Quark, and then do it that way. Sounds crazy, but at least I know it would work.


      Thank you for your help with this!