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    What would cause video to stop playing on server?

    AprilBonner Level 1

      Using Presenter 11, I published a module from PPT with several short videos, then moved to our server for linking to an LMS. A few individuals viewed the module and the videos were working fine on the server. A few weeks have passed and the videos no longer play. Sometimes a bar appears that looks like video is downloading, but it quickly disappears and the slide is left blank.


      I copied the files back to my desktop and launched---all videos display correctly.


      Why would it STOP working on the Server?


      I don't have admin ability on my server---but wondering if a missing or additional software update could cause the issue? (But what? I need to have something to add to my helpdesk ticket.)


      We are going through waves of Office 365 conversion onsite---are there incompatibilities with that?