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    InDesign can not see updated jpeg files from server share in "Mount" dialog.

    Leifc Level 1

      Latest InDesign CC 2017 (April 2017) on MacOS Sierra with mounted AFP shares off a Windows 2008 R2 server with Acronis Access Connect (10.0.6). When trying to replace mounted jpeg images with updated - now CMYK:ed - ones, the updated files doesn't show up in InDesign "Mount" dialog window. In Finder the files are visible. If images are reopened in PS and "resaved" then InDesign can see them. The jpeg filenames are altered after CMYKing them - "cmyk" is added to the name.


      This is the description I've got from a user.


      In some other discussion they were talking about files that got marked as "hidden" but that was InDesign files saved from Windows and Mac clients couldn't see them.