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    White diagonal lines appearing in "full" preview and when rendering


      Hi everyone,


      First post and total apprentice in After Effects.  I'm working on a Mac OS 10.12.5. AE is the latest version on CC (all updates done) with 8g of RAM.  I created a small intro animation in AE and when I view it in full preview or when rendering it there are white diagonal lines appearing.  When viewing in Quarter preview it's fine...  I was able to establish that the white lines come from 2 background layers.  I am using the Saber plug-in.  I have tried different Project Settings with the same results.  Please let me know if you need any further information to help with this situation.  Thank you very much!


      Composition Settings

      AE Composition Settings.jpeg


      Quarter preview

      AE Quarter Preview.jpeg

      Full Preview

      AE Full Preview.jpeg

      Background layer (1 of 2) - Both background layers produce the white lines. Once one is solved the other should easily be resolved!

      Background Layer 1.jpeg

      Background Layer 2.jpeg

      Background Layer 3.jpeg

      Zoom out

      AE Zoomout.jpeg