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    Lightroom Sync Question




      I'll try not to make this long,  My lightroom catalog is messed up (more later if needed)  i recovered from a back up 3 week old (my fault).  My main question is I shot photos for a event and was syncing to lightroom mobile.  It appears everything is current in mobile but not on my desktop.  How to I get the mobile edits back to the laptop since the catalog is corrupt?

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          The current sync option to mobile devices are Catalog specific. i.e. you can only have collections from a single Catalog synced at any point in time.


          So if the synced catalog is corrupt and not usable then you would need to sync folders from a new catalog.

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            byappt Level 1

            Ok next attempt to save my catalogue.  I ran Disk Warrior and after it "fixed" my Drobo now my lightroom catalog icons look like this.  Does anyone know if/how I can get them to work again?  I really need to get this catalog back, i just did a ton of edits.





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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Show the full names of those files. lrdata indicates that they are not catalogues but are probably only the previews folders.

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                john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Back to your original question, when you restore from the older backup Lightroom should ask if you want to use this as your syncing catalogue. Did it? If you accepted this, I think your newer mobile edits will slowly roll back. If you didn't, your only way back to those edits is by a recent catalogue backup, which you don't have.


                What you could try is to download everything from Lightroom on the Web. So go to lightroom.adobe.com in a browser, share a collection with downloads enabled, go to the shared view, and click Download. This will give you large JPEGs of everything.