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    Extract percentage scale of placed image, open in photoshop, rescale and replace image in indesign

    ChrisPHesford Level 1

      Admittedly this is a bit of a long shot, but I figure it's worth asking for my own sanity.


      I have the laborious task of manually resizing about 1000 images in a brochure so they appear at 100% scale in the artwork. Every image has been scaled independently and I have to copy the percentage scale, open the image in photoshop, rescale to the percentage with image size dialogue box, save the image, then relink it in indesign.


      If anyone knows of a way to script this (I'm a pure designer and can't code for shiz BTW) or a purchasable plug-in for indesign I'd be most grateful for the help/guidance. I know certain software like pitstop pro will do this, but was looking for something I could run from inside indesign.


      Thank you all in advance