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    Photoshop and Illustrator Freezing when Opening or Saving Files

    Studio54design Level 1

      This has only just started happening and after three days of frustration trying to fix the issue with keychain fixes, preference dumps and re-intalls of apps including Cloud I am at the stage of wiping my Mac and starting again! Keychains are also playing up - passwords wiped out of autofill in Safari. Anyone with the same issues? (Not happening on other Mac that was not updated recently).

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Studio54design,


          Could you please post the crash report here? It will help us diagnose the reason of crash. See the instructions Interpret a Photoshop crash report on macOS




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            Studio54design Level 1

            It got so bad that Photoshop and Illustrator would not even open files saved first on my desktop and then soon afterwards anywhere on else on my Mac and as last resort I started digging around in app cache and pref files looking for any thing that may be messing with the permissions which I was also having to reset constantly and also monitoring activity via the console utility. TEAMVIEWER  and LOGMEIN were two names featuring in various activity. (I had previously loaded these apps for the trial period and uninstalled them soon afterwards as the were not required). It was then particularly alarming to discover info online warning anyone that had installed these apps that after the uninstall process, kept key files remain on the system that allow HACKERS to access your system, assume admin level user status to further access data and/or monitor your activity. References describing associated KEYCHAIN issues of the kind I had been experiencing sounded my alarm bells!!! . It was only then after referencing how to make visible various hidden folders and file on my Mac that the true extent files bearing the names of TEAMVIEWER and LOGMEIN was exposed. Many them residing in locations described in the warning about hacking.


            I immediately backed up any important work files performed a clean install of Sierra after reformatting my drive. After installing new system including creative cloud and apps etc all is well. My only concern was that iCloud Drive may sync back potentially corrupted data to my desktop etc so I disable as a cautionary measure fro now.


            I am back working on my Mac in the same way with the same apps open as before but without the near constant sound of drive and data activity that was evident prior to reformatting my drive and fresh install of OSX.


            My advice to anyone suffering similar issues or even not, is to punch the code available online make hidden files visible and then do a search for any filenames that include the names above. Particularly TEAMVIEWER or Teamviewer and if not running the parent apps - get rid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


            I am sure that there will be many others out there unaware that these kind of files can potentially provide the means for such a comprehensive invasion of your system but given the type and extent of access and permissions apps of this nature enjoy when utilised it is easy to understand how specific (and suspiciously hidden) files left on your system can offer the means by anyone with the knowledge can 'sneak back in'.


            After what I've been through... maybe it a good idea for apple/adobe to put out an advisory message concerning the potential issues that hidden files of this kind may cause.


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