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    Re: Trial ?


      i recently made a post saying


      "Umm hello, I downloaded creative cloud to try abode illustrator after being recommended by many friends and online websites .after signing up and downloading creative cloud I clicked try beside abode illustrator.on completion, it said trail has ended but I've never used the program before.How do I fix this?"


      a member of staff  replied



      I understand that you installed the Trial version of Illustrator and it says that Trial has ended now but you never used the program.


      I would like to inform you that Trial mode is good for 7 days irrespective of being used or not. Once you install the trial version, it will remain valid for 7 days.


      I would suggest you purchase the program in order to keep using it. Thanks"



      but  he misunderstood what I said  which is partly my fault the problem is i downloaded Illustrator to try the free trail  and as soon as the download finish it said my free trial has ended  the member of staff that replied to my previous post said the trial lasts for 7 days yet for me it said my trial has ended on the same day as soon as i finish downloading the program