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    Animations on top of video

    twiggletoes Level 1

      Hi There,


      I am trying to create a eLearning course that centers on a video and I want animations to show up at various points in the video.  The video then stops and I ask a question and evaluate the response and then move on to another spot in the video.


      I just don't know how to do this when you can not see the video in the time-line,  this seems like a fundamental need and I am sure I must be missing something but all I can see is importing a video as a HTML5 video component that places it on one frame.


      Does anyone know a good tutorial that goes over what i am trying to accomplish?

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          ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

          You are in for a world of pain if you try to do this as described.


          First, unless you're hosting your lesson on a server that's configured as a video server, you will not be able to arbitrarily jump around videos. Videos will only be accessible to the point where they've downloaded.


          Second, you can't overlay anything on top of videos. The video component is a separate HTML element layered on top of the HTML5 canvas element, so anything on the canvas is going to be under the video. Well, there is a workaround for piping video through the canvas, but it's CPU-intensive and apparently doesn't work on iOS.


          If I were you, I'd break your video up into multiple video files, one for each segment. Then at the interactive parts I'd hide the video component (and switch it over to the next video so it'll be instantly ready to go), and put up a screenshot of the video on the stage so you can overlay things on it.

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            khussie Level 1

            Just a comment that I find it simply remarkable how HTML5/Canvas has been hyped up as so much better than the awful, outdated Flash, yet so very much that I used to be able to do in Flash easily is nearly impossible or impossible to do with this "new" technology.

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              ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

              That's nice. Did you have a question?