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    Savable Files

    Benjamin_Markus Level 1

      It's great that Character Animator autosaves documents for you, but I anticipate that having only one save file per project/puppet will cause problems when working in a pipeline where more than one artist needs to access the same file.


      What if you're working in a cloud based pipeline where multiple animators need to work on the same project file and certain animations get changed or deleted before one of the animators are finished exporting?  Maybe there's a way around this, but right now I can only foresee it causing problems. 


      I realize you could simply make many different scenes in the same file with animators initials on them, but I just imagine the projects getting cluttered and confusing. 


      So, is there workaround for creating versioned scenes or a way that multiple artists don't all have to work in the same file?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          There isn't a great solution to this yet. I have seen character artists work on just the artwork or just the rigging, and then share the .puppet file to others to record or go live with. But it's currently difficult for multiple people to work on the same file simultaneously and not run into conflicts - and we've heard as much from teams before, so hopefully it's something we can address better in future releases (like what's happening with some of our sister products in Team Projects: Adobe Team Projects | Collaborative workflow in Creative Cloud )

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            Benjamin_Markus Level 1

            Yeah so far we decided to just use file save project as for each individual shot and then import in extra .puppet files, but for big puppets it's slow cause it copies out the whole directory.  This will work for now, but a simple versioning solution would be ideal.