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    Setting Tab order for PDF forms: Articles and Set Tab order in conflict

    puffmoike Level 1

      Tab order in forms seems to be something of a continuing issue on the forums, but I'm yet to come across a satisfactory answer to the following…


      The help files for Using Forms outlines two different methods to specify the tab order of a form exported to PDF:

      1. the Articles panel, which has a convenient drag-n-drop interface for rearranging the order of the fields.
      2. the Set Tab Order panel, which requires using the much less convenient Move Up and Move Down buttons


      But the help files make no mention of what happens when the displayed order in each is in conflict.


      Is it possible to ensure that the order in the Articles panel overrides the order in the Set Tab Order panel? In my experience Set Tab Order seems to win, even when I follow the export instructions for ensuring that the Articles order is baked into the form.


      Does anybody know how to get the Articles panel to beat the Set Tab Order panel, or otherwise know a convenient way to get an existing form to behave properly?