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    Keylight / After effects CC2017 crash while render- Can you please help me?


      Urgent problem:

      I use several machines with After effects cc2017, latest release / update installed. I have tons of large ( 6 & 8 K) greenscreen footage to finish- and now I have a really bad thing happening:


      One machine ( Win 7/ 64,  2x Intel Xeon E5-2630v4/ 10 Cores / 20 threads, NVIDIA Quadro M4000) works through the render list just fine. A bit slow, but that´s 8K...

      The other one (Win 10/ 64, 8- Cores / 16 threads, NVIDIA Quadro K4000)  keeps crashing after about 5-10 minutes, every f..ing time!!  I have narrowed it down to the fact that it has to do with Keylight- it only crashes then. Apparently Keylight in AE has a problem with some Graphics cards, or with WIN 10...


      Now I have about 1 day ( This Friday!) To solve that problem. If not, the job will go down the drain, and I will swiftly follow...


      Please help urgently!!