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    Give Adobe Animate more Memory / Hardware Acceleration?

    LeeBow Level 1

      I've just got a new computer - its got a AMD Radeon R9 M485X -- which is miles better then the graphics card in my old laptop I used to work on.

      But adobe animate is running terrible - I click a movie clip on stage - and press the up arrow - and it doesn't move up, it "jumps" to the location when I let go of the button.


      I drag to resize text - and I don't see the font getting bigger/smaller -- it just appears at the size when I stop dragging.



      It's like my new pc is worse then my old one :-(



      Is there any way to give animate more memory to use -- or tell it to use more of the graphics card, or hardware acceleration? (Like you can in Photoshop)



      Thanks for any help!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          reset your preferences by removing



          C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate CC 2017\ and




          /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Animate CC 2017/ and



          and you can increase the virtual memory allocation used by animate by editing your jvm.ini file but that's not needed unless testing or publishing were a problem.

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            LeeBow Level 1

            Thanks Kglad - I've tried that - no luck :-(


            I've never known animate run so bad -- if I draw a freehand shape with the brush tool -- it first displays it as a bitmap looking shape, then takes "seconds" to redraw it as a vector shape. It's usually instant -- but seconds is very annoying when you are used to instantaneous.


            Especially when this is a new computers - and I never had any problems on my old laptop :-(


            If anyone has any other ideas on how to increase the memory usage, or cpu, or graphics usage of animation - it would be really appreciated!

            Thank you! :-)