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    Cannot delete to Recycle Bin on mapped drive


      Hi all,

        I'm trying how Lightroom (5.6) on Windows 7 works with fotos on network (samba) share.

      I have mapped share to W: drive and have enabled Recycle bin on it (with both registry entry and by moving folder from Home dir)

      When deleting file from Lightroom catalog it says that volume does not support Recycle Bin (in screenshot).

      But Windows shows that Recycle Bin is enabled on W: drive:


      Deleted files via Windows Explorer go to Recycle bin.

      I compiled code from this post and it delete files on W:\ to recycle bin.

      I compiled code from this post and windows api returns that recycle bin is enabled on W:\ drive.


      How and why Lightroom decides that drive does not support Recycle Bin?

      Should I (where) fill a bug report about it?