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    File location problems

    Timothy Huy

      I have a problem where I have picture files that are the same name on an external drive. I got the "location not found error" on a picture and I decided to relocate it since it wasnt doing it automatically. Well what happened was I accidentally relocated it to a different picture but with the same file name, and now my catalog of my edited photos are replaced with these other photos. I need to know how to recover these edits/photos.


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          If you overwrote one file with some other file that has the same exact name as the original, the first file (the one that got overwrote) is Gone. The only way to recover that file is if you have a separate backup of that original file on some other drive.


          But I'm not clear if you used LR to do this or the File Manager program in your OS.


          Please explain in detail exactly what you did and with what program you did it with.

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            Timothy Huy Level 1

            I did this in lightroom. There is a box with an "!" on it that pops up that says "location could not be found". if the external drive is not plugged in.


            The pictures are still there. What happened was I relocated the single file to another picture file that had the same name, but wrong folder and picture. This caused the rest of the pictures in the catalog to change to their respective files with the same name.


            The thing is I still have the pictures in the original file, and the metadata/edits/etc actually applied to the new pictures.


            I just need to get the edits to route to the original file location. I still have the raw photos, but they are not routing correctly to the edits i made.


            I hope this made sense..

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              You did this in LR? If so you can simply tell LR where the originals are by doing the same thing with the external plugged in that holds the original images.


              I suggest you set your camera to number images Continuously to stop having different images with the same name.


              I have over 28,000 images in my LR Catalog and on my hard drives, spanning 50 years (Yes some from the 1970's that are scanned from film) and none have the same name.