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    Editable PDF which can Show/Hide certain portions of text, and the text below "Jump up" if the text is hidden


      Hi All,


      I'm wondering whether I could get some advice on where to start with this. I need to create some editable contract templates for the business I work at to use. These are commercial contracts where only some parts of the contract will be relevant, so the users will need to show/hide certain parts of the text to suit the client the contract is being used for.


      Only certain parts of the contract will need to be shown/hidden, there will be other portions of text which will need to "Adapt" around whether the text is hidden or shown


      I'm not sure whether this can be done, but if possible I'd like the templates to:


      1. Have text which can be shown/hidden
      2. Have the text below these fields either "Jump Up" if there is a gap if the text is hidden, or "Jump Down" if the text is shown.


      Is this something that can be done?


      If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.


      Thank you