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    Warning - .MOGRT motion graphics templates aren't protected from editing

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      Just thought I'd share this in case anyone isn't aware - if you create a .MOGRT Motion Graphics Template in AE, it isn't protected in any way. If you open the resultant .aegraphic file that's created when you import into Premiere, you have access to the comp, pre comps and all graphic assets, timelines and expressions etc. This can be seen with the bundled templates as per the other posts on this forum (i've since discovered).


      I just created a set of MOGRT files for a client thinking that it would be safe (we never share AE project files and our expressions, IP etc) - on closer examination I discovered this. - so this whole process is no good for the way we work with many clients. Pretty disappointing


      What we need is a protected/encrypted MOGRT option.