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    Computer freezes when attempting to export edited RAW files


      Hi everyone-hoping someone out there can help me! 


      Since last Wednesday (5/24) my computer locks up and the screen goes black almost every time I export edited RAW files to JPG.  This seems to only happen when I'm editing with Mastin Labs presets.  Unedited files and files edited with my other presets seem to export just fine.


      I talked with owner Kirk Mastin last night and he says there's nothing unusual about his presets that would trigger such a thing.  He seems to think it's a LR issue.  I've tried downloading and reinstalling the presets which has helped a little with new images. Unfortunately, any RAW files that have been edited with Mastin presets (even if I've since brought them back to "import" settings) seem to lock up my system.


      Appreciate any insights you might have!  Thanks in advance!