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    Very slow and choppy Preview

    flowsnone Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I've got a serious problem with my preview funtion. Although it loads the whole work area to RAM (bar is completely green) it will in the most cases never play the comp back in real time. Never!!! It's just a 5 sec work area in an 1080p25 comp where I TRY TO ANIMATE three 4k illustrator layers via puppet tool. (only one layer has the puppet pin tool on it). An .aif sound file and one BG layer are also in the comp. But this happens also when I'm editing real camera footage and add some effects to it. It will never ever play in realtime. Info windows says it's between 22 and 24,99 fps.


      What can I do? I'm going to shoot myself if this doesnt stop.


      I'm on Win10 64bit with AE 14.2.

      My PC Specs are:

      i7 6900k

      Asus x99 Deluxe II (newest BIOS)

      64 GB Ram (all tested in Memtest86)

      SSD for Files (tested)

      m2 SSD for Cache (tested)

      Asus GTX 1080

      Dell 3216 4K Monitor + 2 1680x1050 Monitors

      Yamaha Audio Interface UR 242 (Steinberg)