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    Keeping LR Adjustments when saving from photoshop


      I use LR and PS together and I do most of my editing in LR with the adjustments brushes. For my last couple steps I need to take the photo into PS and once I'm Done I save it and go back to lightroom. Is there any settings I can change so when I go back into lightroom that the image saved from photoshop will still have my lightroom adjustmens that I can click on and change if I needed to? The way it saves now its 2 separate files.

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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          Photoshop is a pixel ending software application so when you complete you work in Photoshop and save you save to a PSD.Tiff or JPEG and your work is then baked into the file. On the other hand Lightroom saves your editing work to the Lightroom Catalog File and never makes changes to the original files.

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            Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

            Hi chrisi,


            Are you editing your images to Photoshop with the Lightroom adjustments?

            Once you edit your image from Lightroom in Photoshop with the adjustments the edited image(saved back from Photoshop) in Lightroom  See Edit Lightroom photos in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements


            Hope that helps.



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              JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

              After making adjustments in Lightroom, open the photo as a Smart Image in Photoshop and perform the Photoshop edits.  If , after you save the image back to Lightroom and find that you need to adjust the original Lightroom edits, open the image not as a Smart object but simply Edit in Adobe Photoshop.

              Screenshot 2017-06-02 15.09.23.png

              In the following dialog, choose edit original.

              Screenshot 2017-06-02 15.08.12.png

              Once back in Photoshop, double click the bottom Smart Object layer to open the Camera Raw plugin which will give you all the same edits that you made original edits you made in Lightroom which you can then adjust. 


              A word of caution here, if the Photoshop edits involve spot removal or any sort of content aware fill, changing the underlying Smart Object may produce unacceptable results such that the Photoshop edits will have to be performed again before saving.

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