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    Gridify Gutter Issues


      Hi guys -


      I'm working in CS6 on Windows 10 and have some gutter issues with the Gridify feature in IND.


      Whenever I draw objects (rectangles, ellipses, etc.) Grifiy uses my file's gutter spaces like it's supposed to. However, whenever I load images into a cursor and use Gridify, the gap between them is much smaller than what my document's gutter is set at. I can't even hold shift to place loaded cursor images proportionally (there's also a dotted line around the loaded cursor images when I'm dragging them. Do you guys have any idea why? I know I can manually adjust the space using Control but it's a little tedious to have to do with every placement.


      drawn objects.png

      ^^Gridify drawing objects


      loaded cursor.png

      ^^Gridify placing loaded images


      I don't think it's a bug in my preferences because some of the files I have it works correctly, so I'm wondering if there's a preference or setting in my files that I could change?