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    Bones being deleted,armatures being converted to regular keyframes in Flash CS4


      Hi all,

      Only really created an account to ask this question and quite frankly I'm not sure if its the right place to ask considering the age of the program. Unfortunately, since updates are controlled by a school board, I'm stuck with a program that likely had the exact bugs I'm encountering fixed and no where else to turn. So if there's any issues with the post, just let me know and I'll try and fix it as best I can.


      The problem is that I'm using bones to animate two characters. Getting the bones to work themselves was a challenge enough but today I seem to be encountering a bug that is making me regret ever trying to use the damn tool. I dont have an exact method of replication for the bug, as it seems to happen randomly.

      At times, the bones that make up a character will delete themselves, the keyframes for the armature will convert itself from an armature strip to a set of keyframes and control Z'ing wont even undo whatever happened leaving the character immobile, or worse every bone and armature set up in the program will suddenly decide to either stop working or delete themselves. CTRL Z does NOTHING. I have a project due in 12 days. Unless I start obsessively saving every 3 minutes i dont see how I can finish it when this bug keeps destroying whatever version of the work I'm using.


      Was this a known bug that was fixed or did I screw myself over the day I decided to use the bone tool instead of drawing every pose by hand?