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    grid view (and filmstrip) in the "wrong" order


      Can someone tell me please whereabouts in the menus I go to change the order of photos in LR6 in a Mac?

      I have a folder with 6 NEF RAW files and the same 6 photos as exported JPEGs (when I exported them I set the "save to the same folder" checkbox). When I look at the folder in LR it shows the 6 JPEGs in a numerically sequenced block followed by the 6 RAWs. When I was working with LR5 it used to place the JPEGs immediately after the RAWs as pairs rather than all the JPEGs followed by all the RAWs - which I found more useful.

      I think this can be set as a preference but I can't find where this is done. If someone could tell me where this setting is to be found and what it's called that would be good.