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    Export tiff files


      Prior to the latest update to Lightroom, I would process a RAW photo in photoshop and it then save it back to Lightroom as a tiff file. I would process a bit in LR then export to a specific file on my hard drive. It would be there as a jpeg file. Now it stays a tiff file and I cant seem to find a place to make the adjustment so it becomes a jpeg HELP PLEASE.

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          Three ways occur to mind immediately: 1. In the LR Export Dialog set the output format for the tiff as jpg, select a location.



          2. Don't send the tiff back to LR if you have PSCC, use the CR filter, reduce to 8 bits and Save As a jpg.

          3. Send the the Raw to PS as a Smart Object. Rasterize it. Edit as you will. Flatten. Reduce to 8 bits. Save as jpg.

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