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    rich blacks in photoshop > indesign

    warmneutrals Level 1

      hi there, I'm currently doing print design for a comic book and have been working/searching for days for a solution to a very specific problem so I'm finally here. I have comic pages in about 300 psds, huge files, layers separated and everything. The problem is the printer needs all black areas in the comic pages to be at a specific rich black (30CMY 100K) and right now they're in RGB 100% black, changing in CMYK transfer to an essentially random almost-registration black. I talked to the printer and they have no idea    I need a solution that can be batch processed (refuse to select 300 pages worths of black by hand) and have tried...... everything. selective color doesn't tone down the blacks evenly when I batch process for some reason, select focus area picks up some colors that have a little too much black in them already.. please help!!