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    Designs "Monetized" by advertising allowed?

    Tamara Jxn

      I had already asked a similar question, but the translator changed the words . I use Photoshop because I need to edit my photos... but I asked if I could make Free (as beer) Icons for desktop and softwares, wallpapers and more designs with the "Photography plan" in Photoshop (Because the dollar is very expensive in my country) or I needed to change plan; the answer was straightforward: YES you can and you do not need to change plan... But it is preferable that you use illustrator for the vectors. Clarifying the above The point is using the same Photography plan, can I "monetize" my designs, photos, icons, walls and presets with url shorteners with advertising? Is there a problem? Is that I do not really charge for what I do.(Sorry if the question is weird, I'm very paranoid at this haha )