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    Custom component (swc) in a List problem

      I created a sophisticated flash component and imported it to flex. There's
      no problem when I use it directly - put it with mxml tag, and handle it
      with as, providing data from rpc. This way it works and behaves like it's
      supposed to.
      Now I want to create a series of following components and put'em into
      a List. As far as I know, the as class representing the component ( so far
      it extends UIMovieClip ) has to implement IDropInItemRenderer interface.
      Examples i found are not enough since they handle on primitive data types.
      Here, RemoteObject retreives a collection of DTOs from application
      server, and that's the type that is supposed to be represented as
      the component. I know it's trivial for experienced users, anyone of
      you guys could share sample code to achieve this or a tutorial or sth?