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    Export time

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      Hi everyone


      I have a laptop with the specs mentioned in the photo below. I run a test with Premiere Pro CC 2017 v. 11.1.0 and I created an AVCHD 1920x1080 25p sequence from a clip on my bin, 1-minute long, that contained 4 clips with applied Lumetri color filters to them and an alpha graphic on top with motion keyframes. Upon hitting "export" (Match Source, 20 Mbps bitrate) actual export time was exactly one minute. When testing with a 2-minute sequence, it was a bit more than two minutes. Are those export times normal for my system? Could they be faster? Also, I notice that when exporting timelines that are 30 minutes long or even an hour, export stays at 99% for quite some time until export is complete. Why is this?





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