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    Fixed/Fluid Scroll effect(Parallax)

    DamianToczek Level 1


      i have one question, why i can use Parallax only on fixed pages and not on fluid ones?
      It's not like Browsers doesn't support it because it works when you make the same with Notepad++ so where is the problem that it doesn't work with fluid pages ?

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Parallax effects need a defined distance to the top of the page (you can see this, when you implement such an effect on a fixed breakpoint).

          On fluid pages this distance can't be guaranteed for many reasons. One example: If you reduce the browser width, an image gets smaller and causes objects below to shift upwards. Or a textbox grows vertically, causing objects below shifting downwards.

          This aspects are the reason, why the distance of the element in respect to the top of the browser window is floating. In consequence, parallax effects can't be controlled under the conditions of fluid breakpoints.

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            DamianToczek Level 1

            Using HTML5 and CSS3 i usualy do this with "Z-Index" where there are few layers and depending on the scroll something shows and other thing hides. The only thing that is scrolling is the Content.


            1: Background
            2: content
            3: background


            and so on...
            It works now somehow. No idea if it will 100% work without "errors" but yeah.. we live we see ^^