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    Edits made on LR mobile on iPad not syncing to LR catalog


      I've been using LR mobile for a long time, and I haven't had this problem before.


      I have a collection of about 1500 images that I'm syncing w/ an iPad on LR mobile. Today I edited/rated the images on my iPad (where it says that the sync is up-to-date). I load up the catalog on my laptop, and the edits are not appearing. At the top it says, "Syncing 410 photos" (it's been inexplicably stuck like that for a couple of weeks, but until now hasn't affected the syncing of other images). I'm also not seeing the edits on my Adobe mobile account page.


      I've logged in/out of LR on my laptop, and online. I've deleted the syncs for most of the other collections. I didn't want to sign out of LR mobile on the iPad b/c I was afraid I'd lose the edits.


      I generated a diagnostics log, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for there.


      Any idea? Thanks.