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    LR will not import images in multiple formats


      This has been a drawn-out long term problem I have been not able to resolve for 6 months. Been using LR for 2 years, so I'm not a stranger to the program.

      LR quit importing images off my SD card from my Nikon 3100 last December; using an Acer laptop, plenty of RAM and memory, running Win 8.1, originally purchased LR 5 software but have downloaded CC's version to no avail. No images will import; I have copied and pasted to a folder from SD card when images weren't recognized, in both NEF and JPEG format, onto my hard drive, I have brought images into PS, saved in a jpeg format, STILL will not recognize the files. I am reading there is a preference issue, if settings got wonky it was without my knowledge. I have read forums, checked YouTube, if there is a read and write setting that needs to be adjusted, I am NOT seeing that resolution posted anywhere. Very frustrated, as I need to get work done but tired of fighting this every time I open the program.