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    TileList and list minimum height always set to 2 rendered items?

      It seems that a tilelist (or any list in general) with a percent height = 100% does not respect this but automatically makes its minimum height equal to the height of two display items (using a custom renderer.

      Is there a way to fix this?


      Canvas[300x600] (width-height)
      tilelist[100%x100%] -- using custom item renderer with 100x100 item

      displays ok on a large browser window (>600 height) showing 5-6 items in the tile list

      when the browser is resized the components jeight gets smaller and smaller UNTIL 2 children as shown... THEN, the list stays @ 200 pixels height and the parent canvas gets smaller, making the vertical scroll bars broken (you can not see the bottom arrow and part of the bar)

      If you need screenshots i would be happy to submit some...