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    Certificate for Windows


      I'm trying to create a certificate, but the instructions that are linked to aren't helpful at all.

      Can I please, please just get some simple instructions on how to create a certificate and the password you need?


      The current set of instructions just links to a page that begins with the sentence "Important  MakeCert.exe is deprecated.", and is really not helpful at all.


      It makes me file like having been given an English dictionary when all I want is a simple recepie.


      For example, it mentions an "AppxManifest.xml" file. Is that something that is created by phonegap, or do I need to include it?


      The link on that page says to use To manually create it says Create an app package with the MakeAppx.exe tool

      but that process won't create an .appxupload file, whatever that is.  Do I need one?


      Will I need to download the Windows 10 SDK?


      Do I need Visual Studio?

      Do I need to create an .appx file?


      Do I need to create an .appxsym file?


      Do I need to create a .pdb file?


      Do I need to create a x86 version or a x64 version?


      What exactly do I need to do with the MakeAppx? Pack, bundle or Encrypt?


      Where do I type the "MakeAppx <command> [options]" line?


      Which of the following options do I need to use?



      /dSpecifies the input, output, or content directory.
      /lUsed for localized packages. The default validation trips on localized packages. This options disables only that specific validation, without requiring that all validation be disabled.
      /kfEncrypts or decrypts the package or bundle using the key from the specified key file. This can't be used with /kt.
      /ktEncrypts the or decrypts package or bundle using the global test key. This can't be used with /kf.
      /noPrevents an overwrite of the output file if it exists. If you don't specify this option or the /o option, the user is asked whether they want to overwrite the file.
      /nvSkips semantic validation. If you don't specify this option, the tool performs a full validation of the package.
      /oOverwrites the output file if it exists. If you don't specify this option or the /no option, the user is asked whether they want to overwrite the file.
      /pSpecifies the app package or bundle.
      /vEnables verbose logging output to the console.
      /?Displays help text.


      Do I need a keyfile?


      Do I need a global test key?


      It says It requires PKI cmdlets, and lists them, which one do I need?



      PKIClient Cmdlets


      Adds an enrollment policy server to the current user or local system configuration.


      Exports a certificate from a certificate store into a file.


      Exports a certificate or a PFXData object to a Personal Information Exchange (PFX) file.


      Submits a certificate request to an enrollment server and installs the response or retrieves a certificate for a previously submitted request.


      Retrieves certificate auto-enrollment policy settings.


      Returns all of the certificate enrollment policy server URL configurations.


      Returns all registered certificate notification tasks.


      Extracts the content of a Personal Information Exchange (PFX) file into a structure without importing it to certificate store.


      Imports one or more certificates into a certificate store.


      Imports certificates and private keys from a Personal Information Exchange (PFX) file to the destination store.


      Creates a new task in the Task Scheduler that will be triggered when a certificate is replaced, expired, or about to expired.


      Creates a new self-signed certificate for testing purposes.


      Removes an enrollment policy server and the URL of the enrollment policy server from the current user or local computer configuration.


      Removes a certificate notification task from Task Scheduler.


      Sets local certificate auto-enrollment policy.


      Marks one certificate as having been replaced by another certificate.


      Verifies a certificate according to the input parameters.


      Do I need to use the sign tool?


      What is the hash algorithm used in SignTool? I have no clue as to how to get ahold of the AppxBlockMap.xml to check it myself


      Where do I write the following command structure?


      SignTool sign [options] <filename(s)>


      etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.


      Can I PLEASE get some simple instructions on creating the certificate needed for the windows version?


      I really want to try phonegap build, please just tell me how.