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    Saving in PS deletes Lightroom adjustments on that PSD-file

    micher micher

      Hi there :-)

      As the title says... to elaborate, let me describe what i do:


      1. In Lightroom, select a RAW file and open it in PS

      2. Process in PS, save (a new file is created, a PSD)

      3. Make lightroom adjustments to that PSD

      4. Find that i need more pixel-level processing to that file, open that original PSD in PS (no new file created)

      5. Process in PS, save file (no new file created)

      6. Lightroom adjustments from Point 3 are gone!


      Can anybody help me please? Lots of lost work already -.-


      Please keep in mind that my problem could be confused with the one from this thread (Keeping LR Adjustments when saving from photoshop ) but is actually something different.


      Thank you!