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    PayPal buttons are all over the place


      When I add PayPal buttons to my desktop site they post perfectly, and in the correct position just as I placed them. They post onto the internet in place. However when I post the same type of PayPal buttons on my mobile site, they do not post in place. They are all over the place! Please advise.


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Lounge Forum is not for technical help, please provide the name of the program you are using so your message may be moved to the correct program forum... A program would be Photoshop or Dreamweaver or Muse or ???

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            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

            Without seeing a screenshot or a .muse, I guess it has to do with : you used different paypal buttons in different breakpoints and maybe they are not hidden in other breakpoints?

            So if you use the scrubber and watch your breakpoints, be aware to always see only one paypal button.

            Be aware that no paypal button should be outside the canvas at any time. If you see one, hide in this breakpoint.


            Just by guessing … screenshots from each breakpoint could be enough.



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