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    SSD/HDD/RAID0 for Premiere Pro


      Hi all,


      I have a quick question regarding multiple drives for Premiere Pro.


      I have the following drives in a Windows 10 system:


      1x SSD 960GB

      2x WD Black 7200rpm HD


      My question is this: which of the following two options would yield the best performance in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Lightroom?


      Option 1

      SSD for OS and scratch disk

      RAID0 on 2x HDDs for live project files


      Option 2

      SSD for OS

      Hard drive 1 for scratch disk

      Hard drive 2 for live project files


      I'd also note that redundancy is not an issue in this system, I'm only looking for performance here - I have an external RAID6 12 bay system for storage where files are regularly backed up (plus online and 3rd level alternate location backup)


      Any help is is most appreciated!