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    CS5 on Wacom MobileStudio Pro


      Hi all,

      I've decided to invest in the latest Wacom MSP 16" top spec tablet as a backup to my desktop/Cintiq 21UX arrangement, and also to enable me to work in the car whilst my son is at soccer practice!

      I bought Adobe's CS5 Mastersuite a few years ago- it's everything I need for my work and I'm not willing, nor do I feel I should have to, upgrade to CC.

      So the problem I am having is the old brush lag and jiggerty line problem that everyone using Adobe/Wacom seems to have experienced at some point. I had it with my 21UX and went through a raft of tweaks until I found it was the display arrangement in my graphics driver that fixed it. Unfortunately however I have gone through everything I can think of and more on my MSP and it hasn't solved it. I'm running the latest drivers, have updated everything. In fact the only programmes on my MSP are my Mastersuite CS5 and Mischief (which works perfectly).

      I've disabled/enabled touch

      I've turned on/off windows ink

      I've adjusted brush smoothing

      updated windows 10

      updated Wacom driver

      updated graphics driver

      turned double click setting to zero


      Any other hints/tricks would be greatly appreciated!!


      I can still use it but it just doesn't feel right, especially compared to my Cintiq which still is goddam amazing (albeit with a few scratches on the screen!)

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          terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

          I hope you find a solution to this, but don't you think buying a $3000 tablet and running it with a seven year old program is a strange decision? The latest version of Photoshop, on which Wacom probably tested, costs $10 a month? Why don't you download a trial of Photoshop CC2017 and see if the problem occurs there? CS5 and CC are completely compatible on the same machine, so no need to uninstall CS5. Also the newer versions of Photoshop leverage GPU acceleration taking the burden off the CPU-something CS5 doesn't do. As your problem sounds graphics related this might make a difference, but as I don't have that hardware clearly cannot promise improvements.

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            diddleysquatt Level 1

            Thanks Terri, I can understand where you're coming from however the prices here are a bit different- my MSP tablet was $5000, and Mastersuite was from memory $2500, not to mention the $4000 I spent on my 21UX so I've kinda spent enough money over the years. Plus Photoshop CC is approx. $40 per month here, and I really don't think I should have to keep forking money out when theoretically it should work fine, and it's probably some silly little conflict somewhere which I have yet to find.

            The issue with the UHD screen causing CS5 buttons to appear really small for instance was solved very easily by installing a small file which someone had kindly posted on a forum somewhere.

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              terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

              wow that's expensive. I had looked at the Wacom website but there must be an even more advanced MSP than I saw. I assumed as a soccer mom you were in the US. I know Photoshop is expensive in places where the dollar is very strong against the local currency but $40 is very expensive for the Photographic plan-are you sure that's not the price for the entire CC suite? I was thinking you could just retain CS5 and its apps and just supplement with Photoshop on subscription. I do agree though that it would be desirable to get CS5 working if you don't need all the extra frills in the current version.

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                terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                oh sorry , I've been very sexist lol Just read your original post again and you could just as easily be a soccer dad 

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                  diddleysquatt Level 1

                  Hi Terri,

                  Yep that was the price for it here in New Zealand, just shy of $5k!

                  Ahh yes I might have looked on the wrong tab on the Adobe site- it's $40 p/month for a business (which I assumed I was as I work as an illustrator) but that might be for a business 'team'. For an individual it's approx. $15, and yes just for Photoshop.

                  BTW I hope I didn't sound pissy before! I do love my Wacom and Adobe products and as I said my old 21UX is great to work on. I just know that there's something niggly on the MSP as even though it's really nice too, it's just not quite there!


                  Oh, and I'm a soccer Dad by the way!

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                    terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

                    I know Trevor Trevor.Dennis  has a Cintiq , by coincidence he's in New Zealand as well , and maybe will be a little more helpful than I am being-hopefully he'll see this and drop by.

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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      You have not posted you brush settings.  If you use a large tip brush, zoom out on a large image so you can work on the whole image and you set Photoshop brush spacing to 1% there will be lag on any machine even with a mouse with no pressure.  Is you brush setting reasonable and are you painting on a reasonable number of pixels?  If you have the 16" mobile studio its display is 4K   8MP more pixels then you have on your cintiq.  So if your image fills the display zoomed 100% your painting on more pixels on you mobile studio then you are are your cintiq. Lag is caused by overtaxing your machine.  Large Number of pixel and brush spacing 1% will cause lag. For more lag use a mixer Brush....

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                        diddleysquatt Level 1

                        Thanks for that- yes I have played around with the brush settings/ spacing etc.

                        I seem to have somehow solved the lag. I was switching on and off all the settings on the Wacom Tablet Properties and somehow a combination of flicking through 'use window gestures', 'use Wacom gestures' and turning 'enable touch input' on and off (all under the 'Touch' options) has gotten rid of the lag! I have tried to see if I would get the lag back by doing the reverse but I can't, so go figure!

                        The jittery line is still there although not quite as bad. It's especially noticeable if I draw a freehand line nearly but not quite vertical or horizontal- the line has lots of little steps in it.

                        I am convinced it's a Wacom problem/conflict and not Photoshop, it's just a matter of finding the glitch....

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                          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                          All things need to be configured to work correctly together.  On Windows there are Control Panel setting  that need to be change for things like Pen and Touch, Mouse things like Right click and hold, Flicks etc.  Wacom Preferences set for Pen Mapping, double click distance, Ink etc,  Photoshop Setting must also be configured correctly.  There are many threads on this subject. If your a Mac user the are its likely that some OSX setting may need to be correctly set.

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                            diddleysquatt Level 1

                            Thanks JJ, yes I've changed settings on Pen & Touch as well, everything you've mentioned. As I said, I've been through it with my 21UX until I found out it was the screen arrangement on my graphics software that caused the issue. Anyway, I'll keep mucking around with it until I find out what the glitch is. As it's a brand new machine it's only got the Adobe software and Mischief on it. And yes 've updated all drivers and software.

                            Thanks for the link to Lazy Nezumi- hadn't heard of that before and will definitely give it a try!!!


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                              diddleysquatt Level 1

                              An update-

                              I've continued trying to solve this line jitter problem on CS5. I've tried adjusting settings on Pen & Touch, turned right click and flicks off, Windows Ink on & off, played around with Wacom vs Windows gestures, played around with brush settings in Photoshop.

                              I even installed Lazy Nezumi like you suggested- it works a treat on my desktop (what a great little programme!) however on my MSP it brought back the lag, the jitter was still there (although not quite as bad- looked like a smoothed version) and when I tried his jitter fix option the brush went very strange even after adjusting the photoshop settings on his programme. So unfortunately I had to uninstall it.

                              I have now installed a trial version of Photoshop CC, the line is now free of jitter however the brush pressure has disappeared from my pen! I've tried adjusting the brush settings (pen pressure etc) but I can't seem to get any pressure sensitivity!!!

                              Is it possible I happen to have bought a dud?

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                                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                Pressure is either via INK API or Wintab API.  In Wacom pen mapping make sure ink is checked.


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                                  diddleysquatt Level 1

                                  oh crikey, now you've made me look like an idiot- I've been so busy trying to get CS5 to work I overlooked that when I downloaded CC!

                                  That's MUCH better..

                                  Thanks JJ, you're a star!!

                                  It is a shame I can't seem to get CS5 to work, I guess I'm going to have to subscribe to CC now.....


                                  Thanks for your help! much appreciated

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                                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                                    It's Windows 10, so I think WinTab has an excellent chance of fixing it.


                                    But CS5 on a MS Mobile Studio Pro?  That's like writing your emails on a Cray, or lending your Ferrari to your Granny.

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                                      diddleysquatt Level 1

                                      Now that I can run CC and CS5 and compare the two, a glaring difference is when I open the same specific sized document in each, it takes up maybe half the screen size in CC (when they're at the same magnification). I did add an exe manifest file which I got from some blog in order to get CS5 to not appear tiny on the UHD screen, but I wonder whether that could be a big part of the problem?


                                      I know it's like lending a Ferrari to your Granny, but euthanasia is not legal here, (yet)!