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    Masking Folders/Layers

    icu222much Level 1
      I am designing a story in Flash that is composed of multiple storylines that run parallel to the main story. In other words, simultaneously there will be four stories being animated at the same time. Each of these stories will be placed in their own folder which will contain various layers. At any point, the user will be able to select only one of these four stories they would like to watch. All four of these stories will share a timeline, meaning that the timeline on each of these four stories will progress forward at the same time.

      I am wondering how I could achieve this in Flash, and if it would be complicated? I was thinking of using a series of Masks (one that would cover up the folders in which each story is contained). Would this work, and how would I go about to accomplish this?
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Though I'm not too sure of your goal, you could try a mask approach, one for each story that involves all layers of that story. The mask would be a movieclip that has two states/frames... no mask and full mask, and your story selection would tell one mask to be full and the others not.

          It sounds like something you can experiment with and learn a bit in the process.
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            icu222much Level 1
            How would I go about and make a movie clip cover? Would I try to use some sort of coding where "if press here, display XXX movie clip"

            - Sorry, my AS is kinda noobish :P
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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              You would use a button I imagine (or whatever you have planned for opening a story to view) and tell a mask that encompasses the movieclip to move from an empty frame (no mask, nothing is seen) to a second frame (full mask, everything under it is seen).

              If you don't know how masks work, then spend a little while in the help files. There's bound to be some kind of demonstration of using one there.