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    New country, account problems; old Lightroom version, is new upgrade possible?


      I moved country and have come up with all the associated problems that this entails with my Adobe account. I also changed computer and moved Lightroom to the new one. In doing so, I innocently downloaded a newer version (6.0 instead of 5.7), worked with it during the trial period-expecting to validate it with my old license at the end of the trial period, which I could'nt, of course. In the meantime LT 5.7 no longer works with my LT catalog, since it has been used with a newer version of LT, so I am stuck. I am thinking of upgrading, but when I do it I come up with the account issues. Adobe asks me to sign in with new account, but I wonder if I do so will it respect my existing previous .now foreign license? So my question is if I purchase an upgrade with an Adobe account in one country for a LT version purchased in another with a different account will they be compatible, will this be allowed. I obviously don't want to buy the upgrade and then find out it doesn't work.


      I'd be grateful for assistance on this question.