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    ACE After Effects exam - a word of warning...

    lartifice Level 1

      For anyone who's managed to book this exam (not easy), bear in mind that it's an old exam based (as far as I could tell) on CC 2014.  There are several questions which don't apply to more recent versions and I even had a question which described the 'new' version of a certain effect which just didn't make any sense applied to AE 2017.


      It's especially annoying if (like me!) you failed by a couple of questions and have to pay €150 euros to take it again, as well as spending a week or two brushing up on CC 2014 before doing it.  I


      Also the photos in the exam are almost impossible to read, I could just about make them out but only barely.  I haven't been able to get an answer from Adobe on when a newer exam is going to be available (to add to the complications there are no companies - like uCertify - offering any preparation courses) but you might want to think about waiting unless you urgently need it.