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    PS Fills Macbook Pro SSD on opening


      I've seen a few threads about PS consuming memory (RAM), but none with my specific problem.


      I have a brand new 2017 Macbook Pro 15 with Core I7 CPU, 16GB RAM, separate Radeon Pro 450 Graphics and 256GB SSD.  Aside from Office 365, so far the only program I have installed on it has been PS, the latest version.  Machine should be plenty fast enough to run anything.


      With PS installed but not open, I have 212GB free.  But as soon as I open PS, without even doing anything else, my system tells me I only have anywhere between 49KB (yes, that's not a typo) and 51GB of memory left and I get the "Scratch disk" error as soon as I try to do anything.  It also says the system takes up up to 241GB of memory on its own.  Which it doesn't as long as PS isn't opened.


      So I can't tidy up the SSD, because there aren't any files to clean and everything is fine as long as PS is closed, but I also can't do anything in PS because the act of opening it fills my hard drive completely so I can't do anything else.


      Any help gratefully received

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          That Problem has been reported and Adobe is working on it.  Try setting Photoshop Scratch off you boot disk onto some other disk with a huge amount of free space.  Photoshop Writes both Temp files and also uses Scratch space.  Separating these will spread the load.  If you Boot drive fills its a temp file problem if scratch fills it a Photoshop scratch problem.

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            mimiv71963843 Level 1

            thanks for your reply.  I don't have another disk and having to buy a whole new one just to run PS seems a tad expensive. 


            On a Mac the Boot drive and scratch drive are the same, apparently.  Is there any way I can stop PS creating so may temp files before I even start on the thing?  It just seems a little bizarre how 212GB isn't enough to run the program.  Is there a setting I can change?

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Its most likely Scratch space filling you boot disk and I believe there must be a scratch disk set in you Photoshop preferences. The Space required for temp files should not be great.



              https://forums.adobe.com/search.jspa?place=%2Fplaces%2F1413024&sort=updatedDesc&q=Mac+disk +full

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                gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I have a Mid 2012 MBP.  500 GB SSD/16 GB ram/OSX 10.12.5


                Only one time did my SSD ever fill up.  As it is Activity Monitor shows Photoshop taking up 2.9 MB of disk space.


                I ran Disk Utility's First Aid and the problem never returned. I think I booted into the Recovery partition and ran it.


                If that doesn't work, I'd suspect corrupted preferences and would reset those in Photoshop.


                Hold down Cmd-Opt-Shift when starting Ps and delete the settings file when prompted.



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                  cyberwasp Level 2

                  JJ, I've been having a similar problems since updating to 1701.1.1 but with memory usage. I run a barebones version of PS with no add-ons at all. I noticed the latest version uses double the memory that the previous 3 versions did. My system only has 12g of system ram, but with previous versions I could run PS, LR and my email along with a web browser and the efficiency reading never went below 100%.


                  Now with this version if I just run LR with PS the efficiency reading dip below 60%. Pretty soon consumers will need a terabyte of ram just to load it.