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    My Photoshop CS6 just keeps drawing lines?


      I recently bought a new drawing monitor, hoping to finally try out my Photoshop CS6, but unfortunately, this keeps happening:problems.gif

      From where I press the tip of my pen against the screen to where I let go, it just creates a line. I've tried uninstalling everything that would apply (drivers, program etc) and reinstalling them, but nope, it doesn't work; and I've tried looking at other forums of this issue, but they didn't work either. Yet, my other drawing programs work just fine.

      Also, I noticed that, when I open Photoshop, it does work, but as soon as I move my pen away from the monitor for a few seconds and try again, it starts this issue. And I should probably mention that Photoshop does this with my sister's drawing monitor when I use it too, but in turn, it works perfectly fine when we use them both in Photoshop on her computer. In other words, it isn't my monitor. Resetting my tools doesn't work (Shift+Alt+Ctrl), my shift key is most definitely not pressing by accident, and rebooting my computer does nothing to help. The problem lies somewhere else.