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    Upgrading Lightroom from 5 to 6 on new Mac


      Hi there!


      I own Lightroom 5 on PC and recently purchased a MacBook Pro with Sierra. I've heard there are tons of issues trying to run 5 on this OS, so I'd like to upgrade to 6. I'm aware that you are able to select "upgrade" for $79 from the download page, but here's what I need to know:

      How and when will I be verified as a Lightroom 5 owner?

      I have the serial number. But the program is is not installed on my Mac and for whatever reason I can't get it linked to my adobe id.

      My worry is that I will pay for the upgrade and be unable to authenticate my licence for 5. If it only asks for a serial number I'll be okay, but if it requires a linkage to an adobe id I'm screwed and I can't know this til after the credit card payment.


      Thanks in advance for your response,