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    My computer renamed my photo drive, now the catalog is disconnected


      My catalog, which is on my laptop, references thousands and thousands of images on my external hard drive. I've edited hundreds of them and don't want to lose the edits.


      I have a "loose" cable on my hard drive, and it disconnects occasionally. Last time it disconnected and I reconnected it, the computer called it H:(default name) instead of G:(default name)


      Without thinking about the ramifications of the LR Catalog, I re-named the drive. I can't recall the default name. And now, as you are correctly assuming, the references in navigation side of Lightroom feature question marks, and the location of the actual images is no longer associated with the previews.


      Is it possible to repoint the catalog to the newly named drive?


      Once I do that, can I then move the catalog onto the external drive without disrupting the connections?


      Thanks in advance.


      Lynda Williams

      The Occasional Photographer