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    is there a way in LR to select photos which are stacked and update it into a collection?


      i have a collection A of photos containing selected photos i want to use for my project

      then i have a collection B which is a subset of coll A, which are photos that i wanted to edit in photoshop

      LR/photoshop then created stacks for those edited pictures from coll B but apparently this is only applicable for coll B, although i can also see edit version in All Photographs


      but my main collection is supposed to be collection A and even if i select the edit TIFF versions one by one and put it into Coll A it seems it doesnt load as stacks same as coll B


      i've been reading some articles which say there is no way to select stacked items by filter; does it mean i have to recreate my pic list same as collection A and selecting the updated versions of the pics manually? or is there a workaround for this? basically i just need the edited versions in my collection A