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    Adobe premature decision!


      I have been a adobe cloud member since the beginning. As a wedding and events videographer  I still have many requests for a DVD from my clients.   Every home has a DVD or blue ray player. Last I checked Hollywood is making billions on this format. I understand the rational that we are moving to the cloud etc and I understand that you can still get Encore via CS6    but there are conflicts and issues when doing this and no direct linkage. Why is Adobe forcing the market years too early?   I have a lot of respect for Adobe but would it have been to difficult to understand this thinking not for your customers benefit     Just google this issue and you can see that many people STILL questions this.   With all the great tool etc that Adobe has why are they so STUBBORN about this issue.,   Yes I have a vimeo pro account that I advise my wedding guests they can see but 100% they still want a disc!    really a crazy , uninspired, short sited, selfish decision by adobe !