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    Menu doesn't scale on Win 7 (CC 2017)


      So I want to use InDesign CC 2017 on a high dpi monitor (Windows 7, scale set to 150 %), however InDesign doesn't scale at all and stays at 100 %.

      Of course I've activated the corresponding option in the settings menu (see the attached image, German UI though).

      Illustrator doesn't scale as well, Photoshop at least scales up to 200 %.


      I've tried downgrading to CC 2015 but had no luck.


      Forcing the app to NonDpiAware by using a manifest file kinda works, but of course the fonts and buttons are blurry and fuzzy and I can't even click some of the message box buttons, so that's a no-go.


      So what am I doing wrong?

      2017-06-04 20_24_09-Adobe InDesign CC 2017.png